A Ticket To Remember

Just in the last couple of weeks I “found” a couple of TV shows (Boston Legal and Royal Pains) that I used to love to watch. Over the years I’ve just allowed them to fade from my memory into the fog of life. As I watched them I wondered to myself… “What else have I lost to the fog of life!”

What else have we all forgotten or allowed ourselves to forget over the years? Friends we let walk off and haven’t kept up with? Foods we used to eat but for one reason or another now don’t. Did you used to love to go fishing but it’s been years since you found the time? Music we loved to play or listen to but now they’re silent. Did you used to go for a walk all by yourself and just think about “stuff”? Life concepts, movies, activities, people and many, many more are somewhere in our mind just waiting to be found.

Why did we let these things go in the first place? I’m not so sure that in this case, no matter how rare it might be, why isn’t as important as is how we can get them back?

I guess the answer to that question is pretty simple. Just do it. (Sounds like a pretty good slogan for a shoe company too!) That question “What else have I lost to the fog of life?” is one that can be answered! Go on a quest to remember the people and things that used to make you happy and fulfilled and just feel good, no matter how many years ago it was or how old you were. Call a friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Use your 5 senses to remember.(Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, & TouchMake an appointment with yourself this weekend to go fishing. Drop down by the local record or vinyl shop pick up a couple of records that you used to listen to. Spend some time outside (without your phone) and just listen to the sounds. Remember a favorite food that you haven’t had for a while and then enjoy it! Go for that walk this weekend.

Nobody knows how much time we have to reach back to the past and bring “new old things” into our futures. But what we do know is because we don’t know how much time we have, we better do it sooner rather than later.

Look, memories like these can sometimes be a conduit to make some more great future memories. The momentum to move forward is quite often propelled by wisdom and memories from the past. Embrace them and use them to form a future filled with more wisdom or intrigue or fun or wonder. As for me, I’m grabbing onto as much happiness and wonder and wisdom as I can find, no matter what realm they might be in. And right now, I’m late for a meeting with “Denny Crane.”



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Isn’t it time to STOP feeling lousy?


Everyone on the planet has problems and challenges of one sort or another.

Most of the time it’s not the “weight” of the problem that causes you to break down,

it’s the amount of time you carry that weight around with you. 

An hour, a day, a week, a year or in some instances it’s 24/7/365 for the rest of your life!

When your angry or realize you’re carrying a grudge ask yourself

“How much time am I willing to take away from my life in order to feel this way!?!”

Now listen as life will almost always answer “No More!”

Listen to your life…it will tell you what you need, including whether you’re listening to it or not.